Grant Goodwine

Grant GoodwineMany years ago, the son of an undertaker picked up a pencil.

Childhood in the flatlands of southern Illinois proved uneventful, but this child’s imagination was primitive and free. His love for the pencil grew into an all-encompassing affair with the arts, including a particular passion for music.

Facing the cusp of adulthood, Grant knew that he was meant to be a professional artist. Everyone around him knew it, too. With pencil in hand, the naive “art monster” relocated to the big city to attend the Art Institute of Indianapolis. His three years there acquainted him with fundamental skills in the world of illustration. He was seduced by new mistresses in the forms of ink, watercolors, and various paints.

University came with another new experience for the small-town kid: live punk rock shows. Grant networked like a champ. Within a month, his fascination with the scene combined with his work ethic and tenacity led to his first band t-shirt release for the Detroit-based psychobilly band THE KOFFIN KATS. The band remains great friends and supporters of Grant’s work to this day.

Five years, a handful of gallery shows, and several published works later, Grant chose to retreat to the sleepy home town of his birth. He still works feverishly and impulsively, producing piece after piece. As often as possible, he catches a tradewind to strange places to meet strange people for strange adventures. His porfolio is always in hand. His traveling madhouse of artistic services is always open for business.

Whether it be his cynical sense of humor or interest in the dark and sinuous, Grant will be sure to leave an impression.


  1. Nadirah

    Hi Grant!!
    It was SO nice meeting you at the FLATS event Friday night! You were definitely a highlight for me. I enjoyed checking out your work. Also, I just want to say I LOVE your website!! Now you’ve REALLY gone and made me a fan! #not a stalker though lol… Blessings on your upcoming travels. I hope to check back and find even more work as well as photos from your journey. You rock! -Nadirah

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