Who is Grant Goodwine?

Grant Goodwine is a working freelance illustrator that specializes in Ink and watercolor work.  With some formal training in Indianapolis Indiana, he spent the last decade running around the American Midwest attending Punk Rock shows and cutting his teeth within the illustration industry doing artwork for Underground bands. In 2018, Grant moved from rural Illinois to Louisville Kentucky, where he continued to Illustrate for local publications, Festivals, Non-profits along with obtaining Gallery Representation.
Grant’s work is often considered Loud and Visceral just like the underground music scenes where he got his start.  This style often helps pack a punch when doing political artwork which he is unapologetic and unafraid to take a stance when the time comes for it.
Outside of visual art, Grant has a deep love for music and has a particular fascination with the guitar. Of which he does play as a recreational hobby
“I may have the hands of a painter, but I have the heart of a musician.  I want my pieces to hit people in the same way songs do.”